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History we wouldn't
have been drinking
here without

After many decades the brewery tradition was restored in August 2013 by reopening the Brewery Falkenštejn in Krásná Lípa, little town in borderlands of Bohemian Saxon Switzerland and Lužické Mountains.The beer was not made after Second World War anymore and the brewery itself was demolished in the 60ś of 20th century. The new brewery is now in the centre of the town on the Křinické square, in a former burgher house. The building used to be an inn, cultural centre or even a bank during the Industrial Revolution.

In 2017 we enlarged the brewery by rebuilding an adjacent building and made "White House" for nearly all brewery technology and B&B with capacity of 30 guests. In the former brewery building there is a bar and a restaurant and a small hall with the brewery exhibition, suitable for social and corporate events.

You can learn more about brewing history in Krásná Lípa and Šluknov region at an exhibition in one of the halls in the brewery.

May God grant me luck and joy!

Photos from our history

through and through

Set off for a tour to see the exhibition of the brewing history in Krásná Lípa and Šluknov region and the nowadays beer industry.
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Beer from
Bohemian Switzerland

Our task is to brew good and craft beer. We use the modern technologies for the production but on the other hand we also keep the traditional methods of craftsman production. After maturation beer is delivered fresh, non-filtered and non-pasteurized directly to the customers.

The name of the beer is connected to the rock castle Falkenštejn near to Jetřichovice and huge sand stone massif Falkenstein near to Bad Schandau.

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It is good to have
Falkenštejn at hand

At the brewery we also offer beer takeaway and beer in plastic bottles. You can order gift package with beer in glass bottles or the thirsty ones can order a keg (15, 20, 30 or 50 litres). The beer tap hire is provided as well.
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Where you can
get Falkenštejn

You can have Falkenštejn at our brewery restaurant but we supply many other pubs and restaurants not only in our region. You can find our fridges with Falkenštejn at many places - e.g. tourist centre in Bohemian Switzerland, some of the Makro and Globus supermarkets)
Where you can get us